A lot of people ask me whether or how often I work out to maintain the great shape I’m in. I just smile, thank them for their kind words, and decline to divulge my secret. But now I’m ready to share it with you.

Most of us are too busy for exercise, or we de-prioritize it because eating chips while watching Game of Thrones is more fun. After all, ‘workout’ contains the word ‘work.’ And we do enough of that at the office. So the key to staying fit without much effort is to squeeze a little exercise into the…

Describing the rationale for your product or company is an inspiring message for all your stakeholders

“When Buddy, my 14-year old Golden Retriever, was deathly ill with cancer, my vet prescribed me pills that cost $100 for ten pills and told me that Buddy needed to take 3 pills a day. What was I going to do? Of course I shelled out for the prescription. I’d do anything for Buddy. But when I told a friend who works in the pharmaceutical industry about the expense of Buddy’s prescription, he told me that veterinarians can get 100 of those pills for $10. I was astounded, then angry, and then I decided that others shouldn’t have to put…

The ancient art of storytelling is especially relevant in today’s world of information overload because stories are more easily remembered than facts and more convincing than data.

Storytelling is especially relevant in today’s world of information overload.

When Mark, the SVP of a major media company, broke the news that the company and all employees would need to completely rethink the way they had been doing business, he told this story of rock climber Alex Honnold:

“Climbers had been surmounting challenges on Yosemite rock faces for decades, but most advances were incremental, shaving minutes off a climbing time or tackling slightly bolder rock faces. Alex Honnold took a new approach…

Sometimes you have to forget the camera to really see the world

Before I took up photography 20 years ago, I used a journal to record my impressions of the faraway places I visited on business: Rio, Singapore, Taipei, Caracas. But like many of us, since then I’ve succumbed to the immediate gratification of a snapshot taken with a phone.

On a recent trip to India I was reminded that pictures don’t always do the real world justice. …

It’s simple: Stop watching television news. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Rarely do you actually hear something truly ‘new’ — most of network news coverage is dedicated to the analysis of news. But how many hours of opinions do you really need to hear from a gaggle of talking heads about how dangerous North Korea might be? That’s speculation, not news.

2. You can get the same amount of ‘news’ by scanning the headlines once a day — few events will be so relevant to your everyday life that you need to know it ‘now’ (impending hurricanes are a…

Some people turn to chocolate. Or PBJ sandwiches. Or Oreos. Whatever food returns them swiftest to their favorite childhood memories when the need arises to displace whatever gloom dominates the present. I, on the other hand, turn to music, especially the music of my childhood, a time when record albums still ruled. The first album I bought[1], for the ungodly amount of two months’ worth of allowance, was Supertramp’s ‘Even in the Quietest Moments.’ At the time I bought it, I had no idea what Supertramp’s music sounded like. The fact that I had seen the album among the collections…

Lutz Braum

Regular and orderly in life, chaotic and sort of original in my art

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