The power of nano workouts — or how to stay fit without exercising

  1. When you travel, carry your suitcase rather than wheel it behind you. Alternate hands when one gets tired. For motivation tell yourself that you are too young to be pulling your luggage through airports on wheels, just like you’re too young to let a golf cart take you to the gate.
  2. When driving on long highways and you get antsy, straighten your arms, place your hands at opposite sides of the steering wheel and squeeze towards the center, giving your deltoids a good workout. Hold until you pass whatever was on the horizon when you started.
  3. When you descend an escalator (I know -- why aren’t you taking the stairs?!), place both hands on the railing and push yourself slightly off the step you were standing on. Hold that pose until you reach the bottom and remember to smile so people don’t realize you are straining to hold a pose.
  4. When doing grocery shopping, take a basket instead of a cart. Do curls while the basket is still empty enough to allow you to perform them without straining and looking like an idiot.
  5. While waiting anywhere (bus stop, traffic light, grocery store), subtly raise one foot off the floor and balance on the other. It’s a great way to strengthen your ankles and practice your balance (which diminishes as you age): another 2-for-1 exercise that takes up no additional time!



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Lutz Braum

Lutz Braum

Regular and orderly in life, chaotic and sort of original in my art